Friday, April 12, 2013

Wishes Come True-- A Build A Bear Autism Miracle

Becca was so excited when Build A Bear announced that on March 27, 2013 they were going to have special Limited Edition Autism Bears benefiting Autism Speaks. Becca has for the most part outgrown her need for bears and animals to make her pokes and procedures better. She has moved on to electronic rewards. But Build-A-Bear is the stylish boutique for Miss Morgan her 4.5 pound Morkie Service Dog to shop. The store in Madison knows her well over the 6 years of frequenting the store way too often after too many doctors appointments, too many procedures and too much anxiety. It is my distraction tool. With now having Little Guy, Becca is on a new tradition, trying to get him to like the Bears and animals that have comforted her over the years. When Dr. Sheirlie had a new baby, Becca knew right what to buy... a Build A Bear and outfitted the baby's bear in a lab coat, scrubs and included a prized doctor kit for the bear.

I had to put in my preorder the day they were released to ensure getting one... no two would only do. One for each her and Little Guy as she reminds me they both have Autism, and Autistic kids/people do not like sharing.  Nice try Becca, but you can share, but you and Little Guy can both have your own.

I had planned on picking up the bear on the 27th of March, but my bout of stomach flu kept us home from Madison that day. The Easter weekend we were occupied with Nathan, Stacey and Brody with Ian home, a trip for a bear was not on the agenda. I finally took my preorder paper to the Mall Build A Bear store and only to find out they held them through Easter weekend.  They were sold out. Holding my temper, I made a statement, "that I was going to have a very disregulated and crushed Becca to deal with when I get to the car". I am so glad that I had left her to babysit a sleeping Little Guy in the parking lot while I ran in to retrieve the special Autism friends. The normal store friends were not there and I was out of luck.  Surprizingly mature, she did not melt down, get sad, just told me "It is OK, you tried!"  Who replaced Miss Becca with this reasonable young lady? I remarked.

Two hours a special text message arrived on my Iphone. How did they look up my cell phone number?  I usually use my home phone number on my orders? They had asked my name when they went to ask a question about the bears and they must have looked up our Build-A-Bear rewards info is the only thing I can think of. But how did they get my cell phone number?

The young man talked to his supervisor and they then  realized who the bears were for and that they called their Wisconsin Dells store and found two for Becca and her brother.

They were getting them ordered in and would ship them to me for FREE if I wanted them or I could pick them up at the store.

WANT THEM, I need them. 

Calling the store, I thanked them for going out of their way to make a very special young lady with Autism really happy and that she and her brother both have Autism Diagnoses and they according to her needed their own bears.

Customer service, going out of the way to care about Becca.  Build A Bear created a miracle and gave me faith in caring humans who were bear angels to fulfill a wish for a very grateful Miss Becca.

I am not so sure, Little Guy shares in Becca's love and obsession of stuffed animals, or if he just doesn't like to look at the camera. But anyway, we have  two Autism Build A Bears in honor of my Becca and Little Guy who came by way of a miracle....  from some very special angels at the Madison, Wisconsin Build a Bear store.

Since finding the special bears, they have put up a few on the Build-A-Bear website and I ordered the t-shirts and two more bears. One as Becca says is for Matthew, Dr. Sheirlie's son with autism and one for the Noonan Syndrome conference as some of the kids with NS fall onto the spectrum like Becca.

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