Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Dog's Love and Another Day

A dog's love for her master is so powerful... overcoming so many obstacles to love her Dee and for Dee lessons in love that have healed her trauma.

Miss Dee had a hard day yesterday when she woke up she realized her old rescued yellow lab/golden retreiver had a stroke during the night. Holly could get up on her front feet but her back legs were definitely affected, but she would walk, but so wide and wobbly. After big tears and lots of questions (thank God that Doctor Dad was home when it was discovered) we decided to "just" see how she was doing before heading to the vets.

As the day wore on, she gait is steadily improving and today she is walking pretty well considering. She just can't do stairs. Dee carries her best friend. 
She is drinking and eating and the tail is always wagging when Dee is in sight.  
We have talked to her that as long as Holly is comfortable can get around we will just help her, but when it is she is suffering, we will have to make decisions. But we almost lost her last year from infection and she recovered not wanting to leave her Dee.

So for now another day and love for Holly and her master!

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