Saturday, March 23, 2013

FASD -- Words of Wisdom

FASD Words of Wisdom

My kids with FASD have taught me.....


Because of my children's prenatal exposure they have brain damage.  Some of them have profound memory or executive function issues that prevent them from planning ahead or even remembering the schedule or what is next.  They do not plan ahead well, if at all. Thus the need for an "EXTERNAL BRAIN".  Which means we prompt them to success.

Dee will not remember to look at the planner, her phone, any strategy I come up with is only successful if I prompt her to use the prompt

 It is exhausting. So it is sometimes much easier just to prompt her.  I don't know how many times a therapist or some well-meaning professional has suggested to use charts, planners, lists etc. for me to try to help her with her activities of daily living. I have tried and tried and tried. It never sticks long.  I just find that I get exhausted, frustrated and its even more work for me.  It becomes overwhelming for her to see too much on a piece of paper or a chart. Then I risk REVOLT from too much information. She needs one thing at a time.

The only success I have had with charts is that I have to prompt them to REMEMBER to REMEMBER and police every step which leads to frustration. The planners, charts, have too much information for her and it overwhelms her and she shuts down and nothing is accomplished.

I find that I am the only one who learns anything from using them. That they can't do it without me reminding them first.

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