Sunday, February 10, 2013

FASD-- Lost Again?

So how many copies should I get this time for one of my adult children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders? The first one is $26 and the second one is $19. I better get both, but I would get more as I know that I will need it. But 2 is all I can get at once.

Said young person needs it to replace his lost Drivers License.

I do not let my copy out of my possession and I never let them have it when I was around. But finally Shays are being kept with her case worker after all the times I have done this for her.  But for the rest, they have no one to keep it safe and not lost as they are expected to be able to organize their adult lives.

I have the link to the Minnesota Department of Health Birth Certificate document site bookmarked on my computer I end up here way too often.  It makes me nervous that my adult kids birth certificates are so often lost and floating around.

No matter how often I remind my adult kids with FASD to put their birth certificates, social security cards in safe places. Set up systems for safe places, they still are always getting lost.  How many times do I have to prompt them through getting another document, (most of them can't navigate the complexity), besides they never have the money.

I have even tried to have their workers request them for them and find the funds to put the workers on the spot and also get them educated on just what help my kids need. But they leave them without proper documentation, state ID's, and without access to proving their identities so they can pick up checks, apply for services and supports, much less in case of emergency.

When I find wallets and billfolds on the 70% off clearance racks at Target or other stores, I stock up as eventually I will need another.

Today said young person who needs the birth certificate that I had spaced off reminded by the facebook post this morning that he was jumped last night and his belongings stolen. Stolen or lost I have had plenty of experience of replacing the contents way too often with my adult sib set with FASD.

Monday's facebook post revealed another of mine putting out a request for phone numbers because of another lost phone. That one can no longer qualify for lost phone insurance coverage because of too many lost phones.

I called to check in and was excited to find out that the phone said person bought with the Visa Gift Card we gave her was found.  Thank you staff.  But only after a 6 hour tantrum it was found in a pile of clothes.
But it was found. I cannot fault her, much less the others when things are lost. It is all just part of FASD.

Vent for the day. No one gets it, but Mom's who have walked this path.

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