Tuesday, September 3, 2019

You can Create your Red Shoes Rock Gear at Thirty One Gifts LLC

Last year I learned about how to make Red Shoes Rock Gear at Thirty One Gifts.  I rock my Red Shoes while I carry my catch all bag with all Mac's gear and while grocery shopping and more.

I posted a picture of my bag the other day as Mac and I headed to his medical appointment in the city.  A couple of people asked me where I got it from.  Finally I have time to sit down and blog the instructions!

First go to https://www.mythirtyone.com/us/en/ and find a consultant near you.  If you do not know of a consultant you can always support my friend Katy Pitzen, Lancaster WI. She has a medically fragile daughter and I want to support her in her business.

The bag is the Crossbody Organizing Tote
Charcoal Crosshatch  $38.00    Plus Personalization is $10.00

Find the Crossbody Organizing Tote Charcoal Crosshatch.
Select Personalization

Now it will ask you to personalize your tote.

Click on the Charcoal Crosshatch

Then Click on 2.

Scroll down until you find the blue Tennis Shoes. Click on it. 

Then the Design Color button will pop up.  Change it to Red. 

Click 3 to do the text for the bag.
Fill in the box for the text:  Red Shoes Rock
Then pick the color of the thread:  White
Then pick the font you want to use. I used Chalkboard.

Then it will pop up the sample of your bag.
Click 4 and save your design to your shopping cart.

You did it!  You created your own Red Shoes Rock Logo Awareness Gear

I hope that you got it to work for you!

If you have any questions.  Let me know by commenting on the post.

My other favorite is my Large Utility Tote- Gray Crosshatch  Item Code:  3121   $35.00   

It is perfect for grocery shopping or heading out wear you need to carry a lot like the beach or a picnic.  For me it is my carry-all for heading out to raise awareness about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with all my gear!

I can Rock My Red Shoes and also Rock my Red Gear all year!


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