Sunday, August 25, 2013

The ABC's of School With Noonan Syndrome

                   The ABC's of School With Noonan Syndrome
                   By Becca Yurcek

                   Advocate and Attention Problems
                   Behavior = Language
                   Caring Teachers and Friends
                   Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
                   Expressive Language and Executive Function Deficits
                   Fatigue and Fine Motor Problems
                   Gym Class Needs Modification
                   Hypotonia and Hyperacusis
                   IEP and Illness
                   Just Want To Be Included
                   Kids Learn Differently
                   Learning Disorders and Limit Writing
                   Modified Assignments and Maturity Delays
                   Not Going = Not Meeting The Needs
                   Overstimulating Environments
                   Pain Interferes with Learning
                   Questions Answered Verbally
                   Resiliency, Rest and Repetition
                   Social Skills, Scribe and Shut Down
                   Technology and Talents
                   Victim of Bullying Too Often
                   Writing is Difficult
                   Xtraordinary and Xtra Time
                   Yo Yo Ups and Downs of Living with NS
                   Zero Teasing
                   copyright 8-25-2013

 If a child does not learn the way you teach, 
teach them the way they learn. 
                              Advocate, Adjust, Encourage 
                           Educate About Noonan Syndrome

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