Thursday, May 16, 2013

Traveling with the Tiny Titans. Planning and Strategizing for Flying with McKellan and his FAS and Autism

With all the talk of Disney and Disabilities it reminded me that I need to get moving and planning for our adventure to California next Wednesday.  I had procrastinated long enough that I needed to get myself moving and planning.

We have traveled with Becca and I have that down to a science and she is a seasoned traveler.  But we have traveled with McKellan before he was an immobile baby and he was because of his delays easy to manage.  But with him now being a mobile, very independent 3 year old who is very much two this time will be another story.

I asked for help from his Occupational therapist and today his Speech teacher came back with ideas from the team.  There thoughts just confirmed what I was thinking about, but what we realized is that he needs boundaries to stay put. If he has them he can do well.

I forgot that I was going to order an Airplane Toddler Harness that I saw in my parents magazine. Oops!! I told the teacher that I needed it pronto and hoped that Amazon had it so I can get it here FAST!

Mackie is into airplanes after visiting Grandpa at the airplane hanger. He was so excited when we picked Ian up at the airport recently. I decided that he needs some airplane books to go through the process and also to entertain him on the trip.

 I ordered these two. One a doubles as a color book and the other one which talks about the airports.
I need to remember his crayon roll-up to use with his airplane color book. I made this Crayon-Roll Up for Mackie and have posted the instructions for making your own on my Thirteen and Frugal blog.

Stroller and car seat will be flying with. We have to bring HIS car seat. When he goes into unfamiliar settings he will not drink his bottle until he gets accustomed to it. When all else fails, when we are out, we head to the car and give him his bottle.

When things are too much, he settles down when we put him in HIS Red Maclaren stroller with his blanket. Next on the packing list: His noise blocking headphones, his blanket, snacks, drink bottle, chewy tools, IPAD with loaded movies is going to be our lifesaver.

I need all of his sensory tools, like his Benik Brace which provides feedback so he can handle outside the house activities and he doesn't flap and squawk nearly as much. We will put it on right when we get to the airport and for the plane.

Mackie pats on his chest when he gets disregulated and will get excited at the sight of his Benik. It works like magic for him to get regulated and get strong feedback.

Today his Speech Therapist expanded our "How Does Your Engine Run" toddler programming with the addition of Speech Communication and today we introduced it on the Ipad.  I am so excited that the Alexicon AAC  has a page of Sensory Tools and he can identify and ask for what he needs hopefully ending much frustration.

I will be loading it on Ipod Touch that we have bought just for his Communication. He is too proficient and knows how to navigate his Ipad too well to use the same device for both.  I am excited to use it to help him not squeal for what he wants on this trip which will save the other travelers ear drums and my nerves.

Enough planning for today.  Everything is ordered. I have made my list.

Car Seat
Airplane Harness
Benik Brace
Ipod  Touch Communication Device
Drink Bottle
Bottles and Formula
Chewy tools
Books and colors

And if all the other things fail to handle his sensory issues.  The NEVER FAIL, just flip him upside down and it resets his mood!

Follow our Traveling with The Tiny Titan Adventures to be Continued.
Part III Continued 

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