Sunday, June 14, 2009

Becca's Service Dog Morgan--Can't Go to School, but Can Go Everywhere Else?

Becca has decided to "attend" drivers training this summer. She has NEVER before made it through 15 days of school without getting sick, but we have never tried in the summer. She was never given the opportunity to have extended school year even though missing l/2 the year due to illness, headaches or doctor appointments.

Becca has carried Morgan the 5 pound Morkie "Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese" into restaurants on airplanes, is welcomed with treats at multiple retail establishments, and is a frequent shopper at both Walmart and Target along with everywhere Becca travels.

Until now... the school will not honor the paperwork and add Morgan as a supplimentary aid or even on her "list of things Becca needs to be successful" through her IEP.

When asked if Morgan can attend the State Technical Schools sponsored Drivers Training class, Becca was told "NO", and told to bring something with but not alive. They are asking us to make her regress and start carrying the stuffed animal that took me years to break.

Morgan is in a carry case, she sits quietly, patiently when working (in her case) and when out her job is to be friendly to enable Becca to converse socially with anyone who can't resist the tiny social puppy.

The ADA has rules on service animals and with the article in the Wisconsin State Journal about Federal Service Dog Rules Becca is filing just another complaint. No one takes her dog away when she needs her most.

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